Thursday, August 28, 2008
  Best...flame war ..Ever - Eddo Stern (2007)

Best...flame war ..Ever - Eddo Stern (2007)
  Hamlet on the Holodeck - Janet H. Murray (1998)

Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace - Janet H. Murray (1998)
  Synthetic Performances - Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG (2007)

Synthetic Performances - Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG (2007)
  This Spartan Life - Episode 1 with Guests Bob Stein and Peggy Ahwesh (2004)

This Spartan Life - Episode 1 with Guests Bob Stein and Peggy Ahwesh (2004)


  1991: The Year Punk Broke - Dave Markey (1992)

1991: The Year Punk Broke - Dave Markey (1992)
Thursday, August 21, 2008
  the lolvant garde (+ sum new old criticalLOLware)

the lolvant garde - chaz (2007)

the lolvant garde by chaz (whois also apparently from Chicago) is my new fav blog art/art blog project!

also, the lolvant garde reminds me that last summer in the early days of June 2007 during conversations about our collaborative criticalartware project, LOLCODE + LOLTHEORISTS, bensyverson created a series of LOLCATS featuring lolcreatures who had inspired/were connected to criticalartware such as Beryl Korot (of Radical Software), Dirk Paesmans of JODI.ORG, Dan Sandin, Phil Morton, Ted Nelson, Tim Berners-Lee, etc... this criticalLOLware is now archived so everyOne "...can has moar new mehdia artz o`haistoreyez!!1"

whut yr compewtr did? - bensyverson (2007)
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My FACE YOUR MANGA Avatar - jonCates (2008)

Mac Tonnies of the Posthuman Blues blog made an avatar of himself using FACE YOUR MANGA + invited others to as well so mine is above. its more interpretive then realistic, as i dont have a any stars on my face (yet) + dont wear a spiked collar/tie/skull necklace combination
Friday, August 15, 2008 - jonCates (2008) - jonCates (2008)

RVRMXBWC100MP4 (Related Videos Remix Black & White Contrast 100 MPG4 dot Movie) is a response to ¨˜†ˆ†¬´∂ by Morgan Higby-Flowers (2006) in which jonCates screen captures all Related Videos listed on 2008.08.15 by YouTube in relation to Higby-Flowers' video of raw databending in Photoshop. Related Video results include 380 videos from: "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Serial Key Generator. (Almost all people have bad comments regarding this video telling that this Keygen has a magical trojan in it... But I'll ... Almost all people have bad comments regarding this video telling that this Keygen has a magical trojan in it... But I'll tell you one thing.. (more))" to "webmaterz gets owned. ( Gets Owned BY WTC.LeGeND he says that WTC.LeGeND photo Edited :D but photoshop is not .html ( msn ... (more))" + "Beautiful Things. (*NOTE!* LOOKS 100% BETTER IN HIGH QUALITY :) **NOTE!** I CHALLENGED GIRLFRIEND5000 XD GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND! :) Jenna and.. (more))" to "[TRANSLATED] BLF improves an AT&T billboard in SF. (The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients ... (more))"

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  ¨˜†ˆ†¬´∂ - Morgan Higby Flowers (2006)

¨˜†ˆ†¬´∂ - Morgan Higby Flowers (2006)

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  The 'Social Virtual' World's A Stage - Gary Hayes (2008)

The 'Social Virtual' World's A Stage - Gary Hayes (2008)


  Avatar Machine - Marc Owens (2007)

Avatar Machine - Marc Owens (2007)
Monday, August 11, 2008
  i H4+3 WoW!

Jesper Juul writes in his "Ludologist blog entry Indie Games (like Braid) are Punk Rock" that we should rly wear “I hate World of Warcraft” t-shirts to exxxpress an anti-commercial digitalPunk approach to indy gaming + (i would add) a critical approach to Art Games, as a hystorical reference to a 1970's punk refusal of the bourgeois values, decadence, scale, supposed grandeur + escapism of 1970's psychedilic, symphonic, prog +/or stadium rock. this hystorical reference is specifically to Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols wearing a handMade/defaced "I Hate Pink Floyd" t-shirt... this is the fast, cheap + small scale commitment to "dirty new media art" that we are also attempting to articulate in various projects such as jake elliott's "Dirty New Media" presentation @ the most recent (+ perhaps last) HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference, our collaborative projects such as 4RtcR4x0Rz + our open, ongoing + decentralized organization of (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest

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Friday, August 08, 2008
  Bad Party, VIKI, Extreme Animals + Fortress of Amplitude tonite @ ENEMY

(Dear Chicago, you should rly goto this show @ ENEMY tonite... i wish i could join you but i am in Linz .AT)

Bad Party


Extreme Animals

Fortress of Amplitude

Friday, August 8th, 2008
doors 8
music 8:30
$5 suggested donation

1550 N. Milwaukee Ave
3rd FL
Chicago IL



moar funny pictures


(btw, yes, you can haz, just click download short stack vol 1 mix in the link above from Philly's most aweSum: mr. sengge)
  k177 .yr 1d075!

k177 .yr 1d075! (for jakevsrobots) - jonCates (2008)
  sprinkling sum PIXELDUST.CN

i luv emails like this:

"Dear Sirs,

We and found that the domain is pretty useful for you to explore China market.

We can really consider selling it out if you are interested in it.

Please reply to us and discuss the domain tranfer matters.

China is the bigger market in the world £¡ domains is a symbol of enterprises in China£¡10,000,000 .cn domains are been registered£¡

Wish you happy every day, and welcome to our China to travelling.

At last,Sorry for the disturb if any.

Best Regards.


it's kwl that they will "really consider selling it out" b/c i was hoping sum 01 would rly sell out pixelDust...

i bought PIXELDUST.INFO ++ PIXELDUSTY.COM on 2006.05.27 for a project that i was considering developing but which i did not fully pursue... @ that time i created a PIXELDUSTY blog ++ sum delicious'ing which still exist as bits of RSS pixel dust + documents sum thoughts/ideas about when memories fade, hard drives crash, data rots + gets recovered...

as the Olympics begin today in Beijing .CN, it is a special kind of internet majick that is sprinkling me w/sum PIXELDUST.CN + reminding me of a paused/inactive project on memory, loss + recovery

both of the PIXELDUST.INFO ++ PIXELDUSTY.COM domains are now available again as i let them expire + as i found out this morn'n PIXELDUST.CN is also available if you are: "interested in it"
Wednesday, August 06, 2008
  sum nice t-shirts from threadpit

they have sum nice t-shirts over in the threadpit but i wish that flying pig t also came in a polo vrsn.
Tuesday, August 05, 2008
funny pictures
moar funny pictures


  sum 1337 Lady Ada Lovelace notes on the Analytical Engine

7h3 4n4|y71c4| 3n61n3 h45 n0 pr373n510n5 wh473v3r 70 0r161n473 4ny7h1n6. 17 c4n d0 wh473v3r w3 kn0w h0w 70 0rd3r 17 70 p3rf0rm. 17 c4n f0||0w 4n4|y515; bu7 17 h45 n0 p0w3r 0f 4n71c1p471n6 4ny 4n4|y71c4| r3|4710n5 0r 7ru7h5. 175 pr0v1nc3 15 70 455157 u5 1n m4k1n6 4v41|4b|3 wh47 w3 4r3 4|r34dy 4cqu41n73d w17h. 7h15 17 15 c4|cu|473d 70 3ff3c7 pr1m4r1|y 4nd ch13f|y 0f c0ur53, 7hr0u6h 175 3x3cu71v3 f4cu|7135; bu7 17 15 |1k3|y 70 3x3r7 4n 1nd1r3c7 4nd r3c1pr0c4| 1nf|u3nc3 0n 5c13nc3 1753|f 1n 4n07h3r m4nn3r. F0r, 1n 50 d157r1bu71n6 4nd c0mb1n1n6 7h3 7ru7h5 4nd 7h3 f0rmu|æ 0f 4n4|y515, 7h47 7h3y m4y b3c0m3 m057 3451|y 4nd r4p1d|y 4m3n4b|3 70 7h3 m3ch4n1c4| c0mb1n4710n5 0f 7h3 3n61n3, 7h3 r3|4710n5 4nd 7h3 n47ur3 0f m4ny 5ubj3c75 1n 7h47 5c13nc3 4r3 n3c3554r1|y 7hr0wn 1n70 n3w |16h75, 4nd m0r3 pr0f0und|y 1nv35716473d. 7h15 15 4 d3c1d3d|y 1nd1r3c7, 4nd 4 50m3wh47 5p3cu|471v3, c0n53qu3nc3 0f 5uch 4n 1nv3n710n. 17 15 h0w3v3r pr377y 3v1d3n7, 0n 63n3r4| pr1nc1p|35, 7h47 1n d3v151n6 f0r m47h3m471c4| 7ru7h5 4 n3w f0rm 1n wh1ch 70 r3c0rd 4nd 7hr0w 7h3m53|v35 0u7 f0r 4c7u4| u53, v13w5 4r3 |1k3|y 70 b3 1nduc3d, wh1ch 5h0u|d 4641n r34c7 0n 7h3 m0r3 7h30r371c4| ph453 0f 7h3 5ubj3c7. 7h3r3 4r3 1n 4|| 3x73n510n5 0f hum4n p0w3r, 0r 4dd1710n5 70 hum4n kn0w|3d63, v4r10u5 c0||473r4| 1nf|u3nc35, b351d35 7h3 m41n 4nd pr1m4ry 0bj3c7 47741n3d.


Sketch of The Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage - L. F. MENABREA of Turin, Officer of the Military Engineers from the Bibliothèque Universelle de Genève, October, 1842, No. 82
With notes upon the Memoir by the Translator
  1337 Jabberwocky

'7w45 br1||16, 4nd 7h3 5|17hy 70v35
D1d 6yr3 4nd 61mb|3 1n 7h3 w4b3:
4|| m1m5y w3r3 7h3 b0r060v35,
4nd 7h3 m0m3 r47h5 0u76r4b3.

"B3w4r3 7h3 J4bb3rw0ck, my 50n!
7h3 j4w5 7h47 b173, 7h3 c|4w5 7h47 c47ch!
B3w4r3 7h3 Jubjub b1rd, 4nd 5hun
7h3 frum10u5 B4nd3r5n47ch!"

H3 700k h15 v0rp4| 5w0rd 1n h4nd:
|0n6 71m3 7h3 m4nx0m3 f03 h3 50u6h7 --
50 r3573d h3 by 7h3 7um7um 7r33,
4nd 5700d 4wh1|3 1n 7h0u6h7

4nd 45 1n uff15h 7h0u6h7 h3 5700d,
7h3 J4bb3rw0ck, w17h 3y35 0f f|4m3,
C4m3 wh1ff|1n6 7hr0u6h 7h3 7u|63y w00d,
4nd burb|3d 45 17 c4m3!

0n3, 7w0! 0n3, 7w0! 4nd 7hr0u6h 4nd 7hr0u6h
7h3 v0rp4| b|4d3 w3n7 5n1ck3r-5n4ck!
H3 |3f7 17 d34d, 4nd w17h 175 h34d
H3 w3n7 64|umph1n6 b4ck.

"4nd h457 7h0u 5|41n 7h3 J4bb3rw0ck?
C0m3 70 my 4rm5, my b34m15h b0y!
0 fr4bj0u5 d4y! C4||00h! C4||4y!"
H3 ch0r7|3d 1n h15 j0y.

'7w45 br1||16, 4nd 7h3 5|17hy 70v35
D1d 6yr3 4nd 61mb|3 1n 7h3 w4b3:
4|| m1m5y w3r3 7h3 b0r060v35,
4nd 7h3 m0m3 r47h5 0u76r4b3.
(Film, Video and New Media department at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago; New Media Art Histories; Art Games + Independent Gaming Cultures; Open Source, Artware + early Video Art; Computer Witchcraft + Majikal Media Art)

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