Saturday, December 19, 2009
  GRISTLEISM - Throbbing Gristle (2009)

ABOVE: the GRISTLEISM Soundboxes, 3 color set, in original 2-layered packaging

we received our GRISTLEISM recently, directly from Staalplaat in Berlin. the shipping time was supa fast + we were hella exxxcited to break open the boxes!

GRISTLEISM is Throbbing Gristle's response to FM3's Buddha Machine aka "THE THROBBING GRISTLE PALM-SIZED LOOP PLAYBACK MACHINE".

ABOVE: the Black GRISTLEISM Soundbox packaging with ">>A Riot of Laughter and Excitement<<" inscription

GRISTLEISM features 13 Loops of audio created by Throbbing Gristle. the Soundboxes themselves come in 3 colors, Black, Chrome + Red. the Soundboxes feature a Volume Control (which is also the on/off switch), a button for switching between loops + a dial for Pitch Control.

ABOVE: the Red GRISTLEISM Soundbox packaging with ">>The Meme is the Message<<" inscription

01 distinguishing feature, which differentiates
GRISTLEISM from the FM3's Buddha Machine, is that
GRISTLEISM has no audio output other than the built in speaker. without a headphone jack Throbbing Gristle takes a hardcore position with
GRISTLEISM that is a parallel commitment to low-fi industrial noise, i.e. that you must listen to
GRISTLEISM only through the built-in speakers or by mic'ing the soundboxes.

ABOVE: the Chrome GRISTLEISM Soundbox packaging with recursive feedbaxxx possibilities

the inscriptions are also defining features of GRISTLEISM adding to each object a poetic fragment in the form of the texts that are imprinted on the packaging boxes as well as on cards that are inserted in the packaging

GRISTLEISM also features a track list of the Throbbing Gristle sources that are sampled + looped on the Soundboxes

we intend to perform our Southbridge Slow Electronics set on tomorrow using the GRISTLEISM soundboxes + have been experimenting today with mic'ing them in various forms such as this:

listen in live, tomorrow, Sunday December 20th from 4 PM - 6 PM CST!
Nice review of Gristleism, Jon. How did it go when you used it in a live performance?

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