Thursday, December 04, 2008
  preparing 0P3NFR4M3W0RK for Dain Oh's THE WEB OF COKAYNGE; CANDLE AND BELL screening program

i am currently preparing the 0P3NFR4M3W0RK archive for Dain Oh's THE WEB OF COKAYNGE; CANDLE AND BELL screening program this Sunday @ the Nightengale in CHI IL .US @ 5 PM.

"0P3NFR4M3W0RK is an open DIY digital art exhibition installed/instantiated by Dain Oh, initiated by jon.satrom @ (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest (initiated by jonCates + jon.satrom) + available as an online database (developed by jake elliott)



or as we have said previously in announcements that were for (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest:

"][]P3|\|.|=r {AT} /\/\3.\/\/()r|<][ AKA 0P3NFR4M3W0RK AKA Open Frame Work is an open archive of dirty new media + digital still art... 0P3NFR4M3W0RK is an open DIY digital art exhibition ware every artist will receive equal time (length of event divided by number of participants) in the display of their digital art [works/worlds]. ][] P3|\|.|=r {AT} /\/\3.\/\/()r|<][ is potentially the interweb's, dataspheres' ++ world's largest open exhibition of digital art." 0P3NFR4M3W0RK.ORG

0P3NFR4M3W0RK has previously been installed at the Distribution Religion exhibition @ The Art Gallery of Knoxville, the 2005.08.27 (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest @ Alterspace in CHI IL .US + will be including in the ongoing (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest project.

for THE WEB OF COKAYNGE; CANDLE AND BELL screening program jon.satrom + i determined that the best soln would be to provide a DVD as this is the 1rst time that 0P3NFR4M3W0RK has been shown in a screening program rather than exhibited/installed.

working on the DVD i imported the current database (db) of the archive into Final Cut Pro (FCP) + found that there are 2770 imgs (according to FCP)...

but attempting to render the video (which would have been about 4 minutes long) resulted in a General Error. so i am now manually playing back the timeline in FCP by moving the playhead ahead 1 frame @ a time while screen recording the Canvas window as it plays back the Sequence. then i am dumping the scr rec's to DV piece by piece... it is a slow + ridiculous process but funny in the sense that i am digitally hand animating this screening version of the 0P3NFR4M3W0RK project for a program about Animated GIFs, early cinema + New Media Art...

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