Thursday, October 09, 2008
  email archives, blocked ports + Temporary Errors

my Sent email for my joncates AT criticalartware account was not archived over the last 5 months b/c when i rebuilt the account in my on the Mac OS i overlooked the setting above

i have been saving/archiving my email for the accounts above since i began them. this archive has been locally stored on my machines + regularly backed up

so, i was a bit frustrated when i realized that overlooking this setting has caused me to lose the archive of the last 5 months of Sent email

i realize that sum ppl use email like a speech act, letting it be a conversational exchange that flows between ppl + is not contained, recorded, archived, etc

+ i can be ok w/my oversight b/c i emailled ppl + they replied or they didnt, i posted to lists + those posts are available on those lists, etc...

but this has prompted me to think + feel my way through reconsidering how i am using my email + my local archives of my email

then over the last couple daze of reconsidering this, Comcast stopped port 25 on my home service + alternate ports like 587 aren't working either. i contacted customer service yesterdaze + chatted w/them during which they said: "It should not have worked. If it did, it was a discrepancy, not a consistent, reliable port." + that "Port 25 has never been a valid port" which is ridiculous...

so then this morning i felt like trying to give myself over to gmail + letting gmail be my solution to these situations. but as i was setting my criticalartware POP acc to be collected + available from inside my gmail, i started getting errors like: "Temporary Error (502) We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable." while i was still logged in. so that "Temporary Error" stuck after multiple logOuts + logIns + now i'm not sure...

ppl i trust told me that they use gmail + that they dont care that Google is rendering them by automagically reading all their mail. i trust these ppl, they are my friends, but im not sure i feel as ok w/that algorythmic rendering of myself as they do about Google knowing them so well

+ so im currently stuck between blocked ports, Temporary Errors, local + networked archives of email + a growing mess of duplicate files produced by shifting back + forth from various email solutions over the last few daze...
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