Tuesday, October 21, 2008
  BOXEN seeks donated space

we are BOXEN and we are seeking a donated space to develop our collaborative project.

can you help?

do you know a landlord or building owner who might be interested in hosting us?

do you have free space that you are not using?

we know this may sound strange but you might know someone or have sum space available and anything you can think of or might suggest could help so please email us if you have any suggestions


BOXEN is an open organization committed to the production and discussion of experimental work at the intersections of digital/electonic art, hacker/activist culture, live performance and electronic music.


BOXEN is a collective of artists/hackers/activists/educators who have self-organized to develop a new work, education and performance space.

collectively we have a wide range of experience in organizing spaces and events and teaching workshops and classes... we are on faculty, teaching or have taught @ The School of the Art Institute, Columbia College, Marwen, Street Level Youth Media, Experimental Sound Studio, etc... and have organized or been involved in the immediate organization of spaces, events and platforms such as dai5ychain, r4WB1t5, BUSKER, HARDCoded, Chicago Hackmeetings, [FRAY], Version Festivals (02, 03 and 04), etc... we have also participated as artists and organizers of events @ spaces throughout Chicago such as DEADTECH, dorkbot, Messhall, ENEMY, Polvo, Heaven, Links Hall, Chicago Art Department, etc...



sent from BOXEN member // jonCates
on behalf of the members of BOXENCHICAGO.ORG
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